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  • Dried Grass Straws


    – Length: 20 cm
    – Diameter: inner diameter of 4.5 mm or more
    – The end of the suction straws is cut by 2 ends
    – Insoluble in water
    – Material: naturally grown grass (1-2 years old)
    – Appropriate drinks: Thin water and smoothies
    – Can be used to replace all kinds of artificial straws of the same size on the market

    Mua ngay Giao hàng & thu tiền tận nơi!


    “Grass Straw Vietnam” Straws – High quality, Absolute safety, Attractive price

    Grassstraw.vn is a leading company producing, distributing and trading hay straws in Vietnam. “Grass Straw Vietnam” straws are always in the top of the top of high quality straws, ensuring food hygiene and safety criteria but the price is very competitive compared to other products on the market. school.

    Grassstraw.vn’s hay straws are manufactured semi-manually with strict testing procedures

    After more than 2 years, Grass Straw Vietnam has successfully studied the production process of semi-manual hay straws. Although it is still not possible to speak up the automated production process due to many objective factors, but with my experience. Grass Straw Vietnam has produced stable and marketed more than 3.000.000 (three million) straws of hay every month. All hay straws are manufactured under strict supervision to ensure the highest quality of products and safety for users.

    “Grass Straw Vietnam” hay straws are always inspected and controlled strictly from the input stage of raw material harvesting to the final drying and packaging stage. Therefore, Grass straw Vietnam’s straw products are always trusted and used by consumers.

    Grass Straw Vietnam’s straws are similar in size to artificial straws

    “Grass straw Vietnam” hay straws with a diameter of 4.5 mm or more and a length of 200 mm. So the hay straws are about the same size as the artificial straws on the market (except for special ones).

    Grass straw – The perfect replacement for plastic straws and artificial straws

    The size is similar to plastic straws or artificial straws, along with the ability to not dissolve or deform when immersed in water. Grass straw is a great solution to replace other types of straws.

    Grass straws

    Grass straws

    Use grass straws at the restaurant

    Use grass straws at the restaurant

    Buy cheap Grass Straws – Come now Grassstraw.vn

    Visit Grassstraw.vn – the leading manufacturer and seller of straws in Vietnam. With us, you will find solutions for all problems from price to quantity and product quality.

    Retail price list for hay straws at Grassstraw.vn today:

    Quantity (100 straws / box) Price (USD)
    1 box 5,0
    3 boxes 4,7
    5 boxes 4,6
    10 boxes 4,3
    20 boxes 4,0
    30 boxes 3,6
    50 boxes 3,0

    In addition, we also supply hay straws in bulk for business and export. For more information, please contact:

    Grass Straw Vietnam
    Address: 63/8 Street 7, Thạnh Mỹ Lợi Ward, District 2, Hồ Chí Minh

    Phone: 0703010693

    Email: grassstrawvietnam@gmail.com

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    Số lượng

    1 Box (110000 VND), 10 Boxes (90000 VND), 20 Boxes (80000 VND), 3 Boxes (105000 VND), 30 Boxes (70000 VND), 5 Boxes (100000 VND), 50 Boxes (55000 VND)

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