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  • Fresh Grass Straws


    – Length: 20 cm
    – Status: Fresh
    – Diameter: over 4.5 mm
    – Preservation time: 15 days
    – Storage conditions: 4 – 7 degrees Celsius
    – Appropriate drinks: Water and smoothies
    – Can be used to replace all kinds of artificial straws of the same size on the market

    Mua ngay Giao hàng & thu tiền tận nơi!
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    Grass Straw Vietnam – Fresh green, cool, reasonable price

    Like dried grass straws, Grassstraw.vn’s straws are also made from the highest quality almond grass and the production process ensures food hygiene and safety.

    Straws fresh grass – A natural solution to replace artificial straws at a reasonable price

    Grassstraw.vn’s fresh straws are manufactured and distributed at a price not too different from other artificial straws, if not equal to or even cheaper.

    If you are an individual or a household that needs to buy a small amount for the loved ones around us to use, the price for each 100-box box is only 60,000 VND, if calculated, a fresh grass straw is only about 600 VND.

    Whether you are a business establishment, a restaurant or a cafe need to make your own impression, fresh grass straws are a great choice. If you enter a large quantity, the price for each spool is about VND 350 / tube – great to help bring customers closer to nature.

    Differences of fresh grass straws from other types of straws

    The first point, can anyone realize that it is very natural, really nature. From the vibrant green full of vitality to the feeling when held and used. It is an extremely indescribable feeling that all other straws do not have.

    So the shelf life of fresh grass straws is how long and how to preserve it?

    Because it is a fresh product from nature, it is certain that the straws of fresh grass cannot have the same use time and storage conditions as other artificial straws.

    Straws can be kept for 10 to 15 days if stored in the refrigerator cooler (at a temperature of 3 – 7 degrees C).

    Visit Grassstraw.vn – the leading manufacturer and seller of straws in Vietnam. With us, you will find solutions for all problems from price to quantity and product quality.

    Retail price list for hay straws at Grassstraw.vn today:

    Quantity (100 straws / box) Price (VNĐ)
    1 box 60.000
    3 boxes 57.000
    5 boxes 55.000
    10 boxes 50.000
    20 boxes 45.000
    30 boxes 40.000
    50 boxes 35.000

    In addition, we also supply hay straws in bulk for business and export. For more information, please contact:

    Grass Straw Vietnam
    Address: 63/8 Street 7, Thạnh Mỹ Lợi Ward, District 2, Hồ Chí Minh

    Phone: 0703010693

    Email: grassstrawvietnam@gmail.com

    Additional information

    Số lượng

    1 Box (60000 vnđ), 10 boxes (50000 vnđ), 20 boxes (45000 vnđ), 3 boxes (57000 vnđ), 30 boxes (40000 vnđ), 5 boxes (55000 vnđ), 50 boxes (35000 vnđ)

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